Reclaiming sacred power as whole humans

Through the spark of storytelling, we witness the ripples of change-making take place. Ecko weaves land-based storytelling with life experience, ancestral teachings, and visions of the future through empowering prompts and compassionate containers for self-awareness and collective consciousness.

Decolonized Lens Approach

By entrusting Indigenous storytellers to self-guide with intuitive approaches to speaking, we create the space for self-sovereignty and decolonized systemic expectations. Indigenous storytelling holds ancient values of understanding our relationship with time and each other. We invite you to a practice of decolonizing spaces and stages around the world by inviting Indigenous storytellers and trusting their sacred work.

Inspiring youth from all walks of life to step into their gifts and determine self-sovereignty.

Topics of presentation include Indigenous histories, understanding colonization and capitalism from an Indigenous perspective.

• Prices starting at $1000 for 3 hours

Decolonizing systems and reclaiming well-being in the workplace.

Topics include histories of colonization and capitalism, unraveling current narratives, and re-building a vision for the future.

• prices starting at $2000 for 3 hours

In an industry that has become highly exploited and appropriated, we invite event hosts and coordinators to return the focus of ceremony to the Indigenous peoples many of these practices come from. At the heart of spirituality, are Indigenous ways-of-being from all over the world. This is a gentle invitation to acknowledge origins and open hearts and minds to build a more inclusive foundation for the future generations.

Topics include history and exploitation of practices, understanding our responsibility as human beings to the land and each other, working alongside Indigenous spiritual leaders, safe practices for Spiritual well-being.

• prices starting at $2000 for 3 hours

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As an arts festival organizer I have had the pleasure of witnessing Ms. Aleck’s presentation of her art and cultural work in the community. During the first annual Koksilah Music Festival in 2017, Ms. Aleck created a spontaneous, potent spoken word/prayer collaboration that was so impactful that a festival goer just yesterday named that as his most memorable moment of the first year of our festival.”
— Beth Stupple and Alex Schiebel, Festival Directors of Koksilah Music Festival
Amazing performance last night! Glad I was able to attend!”
— Kimberly Mulvogue
AMAZING words… AMAZING songs tonight by SacRED at the Port! Kukstemc Ecko Aleck. So inspiring – as always. Great show!”
— Holly Bright
Ecko was a 2016 graduate at the Art Institute of Vancouver and she attended my classes in Advanced Recording, Mastering, Audio Post Production and many other upper level courses that I teach. As a student she demonstrated clear leadership skills, held a perfect attendance record, and approached all of her projects with a maturity, work ethic and dedication to a quality product that I hope to see in any of my top students. In short, she was an excellent student who was a positive presence in each class. For this reason and more she was the winner of the instructor-selected Fred Sheratt MusiCounts Award given to who we considered the top Canadian student of the program.”
— Adam Fulton , Owner of Mixmedics.com, freelance composer/sound designer, Audio Educator

A powerful performance incorporating sensory ethnographic-type projects and work to further Indigenous empowerment and to develop stronger respect for Indigenous cultures and peoples.

— Jessica Heaven

We were so grateful for Ecko’s powerful teachings. I had staff stopping me and telling me how much they enjoyed the session. The kids connected so much with Ecko and told their teachers they could tell she was an artist/musician as her voice sounded “magical.”

— Tiffany Adam, SD62

Upon arrival, I was impressed by Ecko’s prayer, land acknowledgment and introduction. Her voice is soothing within itself and automatically allowed me to feel at ease, welcomed and safe. The ceremonial elements that feed throughout are very encouraging.”

— Rose Nixton

I am so grateful to get to hear stories of Indigenous women of Canada, not only that but also to see them and get to speak with them. This is amazing! Thank you for creating a safe space for our tears and all of our emotions. Your welcoming embrace allows us to reconcile our own stories without shame or fear.”


Thank you

To everyone who entrusts me with a speaking platform: