This full moon in Scorpio invites us to release into the deep, dark waters and discover what’s asking to be seen and heard. Give voice to that which is often silenced. As the eclipse portal cosmic dust begins to settle, we complete the cycles no longer serving and hold a pause for what’s ready to rise.

This virtual circle is created to be as accessible as possible to our community.

If we were to gather in person, we would invite you to bring an offering of reciprocity in exchange for the energy and space we hold to host these circles. Working with modern times and technologies allows us to reach out farther to those who maybe otherwise would not be able to join our circles.

Offering a donation as you join is our virtual way of still practicing reciprocity through a screen. We also have a community pass (free) option for those who are in more financially challenging times.

We appreciate your trust and love as we build our community and space of ancestral connection and guidance within our offerings.

Zoom link information will be sent in a follow up email upon registration 🐢

🪶 Sami + Ecko